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In ‘Leave The World Behind,’ 2 Families Face The Unknown Together

In 'Leave The World Behind,' 2 Families Face The Unknown Together


It is never easy to announce changes, especially when it concerns the existing pricing policy. We are aware that the price increase can`t be pleasant for a customer. But before you start posting comments with expressive words and angry emojis I would like to explain how we ended up with this decision.

Spoiler: the pricing changes won’t affect Crocoblock current clients 🙂

A quick walk down to the memory lane. In 2017 we created the first version of JetElements and released JetBlog, JetTricks, JetMenu, and JetPopup a little bit later.

From the very beginning, our products were in demand, and eventually, the users asked us to pack JetPlugins into some form of subscription. Priced reasonably for that time, the subscription sold well and paved the way for other add-ons to be developed (a big thank you to our early-adopters).

Two years later we have 18+ plugins. They are nowhere near the 2017 level and our future roadmap is even more ambitious. The truth is that the current pricing model no longer fits with the new products that we want to add to the table and the future functionality improvements. More importantly, it won’t help us to implement that roadmap ambitions.

So, after months of discussions, we`ve decided to:  rearrange the plans, set a higher price on a Lifetime set to better reflect the value of it, and add more products to the current subscriptions.

What are Dynamic Templates?

Basically, they are pre-made websites powered by JetPlugins and created for different business niches. The difference between Dynamic and Design templates is that dynamic websites are pre-coded. All relations are set, all filters working, custom post types, and taxonomies adjusted.  Make some customization and voila— the fully working site is good to go.

Currently, we have 7 dynamic templates that will be available free of charge for the lucky All-inclusive owners (Yearly and Lifetime).

Templates for real estate agencies and spa salon services will be released in the nearest future. The Crocoblock clients who already have a Lifetime set will get dynamic templates automatically. We also took care of the installation process. Everything is smooth and clear thanks to the Installation Wizard.

The functionality of every dynamic template will expand as the JetPlugins are constantly updating.

As for the Design templates, I think you are already familiar with the concept. They are just like any other templates for Elementor and serve mostly for visual customization. Nevertheless, it is a nice addition to the Crocoblock subscription as well as the Interactive Popup Library. Which I encourage you to check because you won`t find a similar solution for Elementor anywhere on the market 🙂

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